We can help your organization design and implement a Safety Management System that meets all current and planned regulatory requirements for SMS. If you are a Canadian operator or service provider we will ensure your Safety Management System meets or exceeds all Transport Canada requirements.

More importantly, wherever you are in the world, we will ensure that your SMS fits appropriately and efficiently with what you do.  Too often, SMS is thought of as another layer of administration that requires the creation of thick manuals and many new processes, and that implementing an SMS means you will need to purchase expensive software – but that is not the case.

An SMS must be appropriate in size and complexity to the size of your organization. We understand what that means and will ensure that your SMS is right for your needs and your existing processes. Our marine experts and consultants have been involved in SMS development and implementation since the concept and philosophy first emerged. In the aviation realm we have experience in all sectors of civil aviation where SMS is a requirement: Airlines, Air Traffic Control, Airports, MROs and charter operations.


If you are a Civil Aviation Authority anywhere in the world, we understand the difficulties and challenges posed by meeting your ICAO and State obligations. We have extensive experience as aviation consultants assisting CAAs with design, implementation and operation of the State Safety Program. We can also provide specific training in SSP development, along with SSP and SMS auditing for CAAs.


We conduct safety audits and SMS audits, such as:

  • Internal audits to assist you in identifying the safety gaps, inconsistencies and weaknesses in your organization
  • External audits to assess the safety levels of organizations that you or your clients may do business with
  • Preparatory audits to ensure you are well prepared for any external audit of your organization, whether you will be audited by a government regulatory body or an external client


Training TeamWe provide SMS and safety training for Regulatory Authorities, Marine and Aviation Service Providers, Air Carriers, Airports, and ANSPs Our SMS training and workshops can be tailored to any and all levels of knowledge and responsibility within an organization – from a one-day introductory course, to five day intensive workshops. Our courses will enable everyone from senior managers to personnel with direct operational safety responsibilities to understand and perform their SMS related functions to the highest standards.

We can custom design any safety related training to fit your needs. For example:

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  • Managing Accident and Incident Investigations
  • Safety Culture
  • SMS for airports, air carriers, air traffic services, ground handlers
  • SMS for marine operators, ports
  • SMS Auditing
  • SSP training for CAAs

Helicopter training Some of the places we have conducted training include:
Canada, Singapore, USA, Cape Verde, Indonesia, India, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, South Africa, Iran, Curacao, Thailand, Suriname and Papua New Guinea.

In summary, we have a depth of experience and a unique perspective with safety issues in challenging environments.

Contact us and we’ll show you how we can help you address your safety related challenges, quickly, efficiently and economically.


We are experienced and equipped to investigate accidents and incidents anywhere in the world, with experience to do so in challenging or high risk environments.  On behalf of insurance companies, private corporations, governments, and even individuals, we ascertain the actual and complete circumstances, causes and contributing factors for incidents anywhere in the world, and thereby enable the successful pursuit of compensation or remedy.

Our consultants and associates include experts in:

  • Aircraft Accident Investigation
  • Aviation Safety
  • Aviation Security
  • Flight Operations, Airport Operations, and Air Traffic Operations
  • Marine Accident Investigation
  • Marine Safety

Locations where we have recent direct experience, local knowledge, colleagues and contacts include:

  • Canada, Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Thailand, Iraq, UAE, Oman, Colombia, Papua New Guinea, Nepal, India
  • Many locations in Africa
  • North America, Central America

For law firms and insurance companies, if you need assistance in preparing for an aircraft or marine accident case, an examination for discovery, reviewing an official accident report, or expert testimony, we have some of the most experienced and most thorough experts in the world.

We are uniquely positioned to assist in discreet enquiries – or investigations in challenging locations. If you need to know the entire circumstances and contributing factors to an accident, a missing aircraft or vessel, or an aviation or marine related incident of any sort – anywhere in the world – we can help.